Reneé Kiku

After a series of family tragedies over 5 years, including the loss of her husband,
é Kiku found herself in search a quiet, soothing place.
She found it on the Island of Maui in 2002.

 Here, she’s grounded herself in ways she’d never experienced
and the healing moved into Acrylic.
Color on walls.
Vivid geometric designs.
Bold expressions of lost joy found in this new world.

 Inspired by her current partner, Richard,
and beloved friends, she took to canvas the following year. 

 A self-taught artist, her works are representations;
flashcards of line and design.

The origin, epiphanies of vivid color that rapid-fire in her dreams.
This is the inspiration that wakes her up in the early pre-dawn mornings
and moves her into a different kind of reality.

 Like her name,
é, finds herself 're-born' to a new found love---
the impact of, what she titles as her “Passions Revealed.”

 So it is here,
é Kiku, hopes that one might find that same sense of cohesion for themselves;
bold and sensual movements that free the heart within the structures
and the boundaries of the mind.

 Here is where she says passion and logic can exist in harmony.

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Fine Art by Reneé
P.O. Box 871
Makawao, Maui, HI  96768
(808) 269-2312


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